At-Risk Student Resources 

According to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 7000 students drop out of school every day in America. This alarming statistic translates to 1 high school student dropping out every 26 seconds.

Most of these students want to graduate and go to college but often encounter life circumstances that deter plans, aspirations and hope of moving forward with their dreams. 

The Tenacious Group has created Raising Expectations Standards and Honor 180 (RESH 180) to inspire, empower and motivate students to strive after their educational goals. 


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Raising Expectations Standards & Honor 180 (RESH 180) Youth Motivation Curriculum builds capacity for purpose thinking by providing a New Lens, tools to become Purpose-Driven and skills to Move Forward. RESH 180 is cognitive-based and uses evidence informed based practices. 


According to Stanford University Researcher William Damon, “Only about one in five young people in the 12-22-year age range express a clear vision of where they want to go, what they want to accomplish in life, and why.” Dannon concludes that without a sense of purpose, young people report an inner life of anxiety and a sense of feeling trapped in a life that is not under their own control.


When a student sees their life with purpose they will break out of detrimental habits and become focused, more confident, more energetic, more resilient, and put more effort of being proactive with their education. 


The Student Workbook contains the entire RESH 180 program, divided into 7 sections, and is designed as a full-color publication. The content is cognitive-behavior based, offering many opportunities for students to articulate, apply, and interact the material they have just read and seen. It also incorporates opportunities for students to journal about their reactions to the concepts and about personal experiences.

The Student DVD provides additional learning resources such as videos and animations illustrating the program concepts as well commentary per page. One of the great benefits of the Student DVD, it provides the ability to review RESH 180 away from the classroom. Whether to show & share with parents, guardians or simply for a student to navigate at own self-pace.


The Instructor’s Manual contains all the content of the student manual, but with teacher resources that assist with teaching the curriculum. The Instructor’s Manual includes step-by-step checklists for chapter learning goals, suggestions for illustrations & outcomes, and other teaching aids.

The Instructor’s DVD contains a variety of video content for use in conjunction with live teaching by the instructor. The Instructor’s DVD is structured such that the instructor can use the DVD as much or little as needed. An additional feature is the included pod casts that an Instructor can download to an audio device (phone, Ipad, MP3 player, etc) for step-by-step instruction and commentary.