Every Student Matters 

According to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 7000 students drop out of school every day in America. This alarming statistic translates to 1 high school student dropping out every 26 seconds.

Over the last 20 years, The Tenacious Group set out to create a program that would help young people develop a sense of purpose, thereby instilling hope and a vision for their lives thus developing the RESH 180 curriculum.  RESH stands for “Raising Expectations, Standards, and Honor.”  180 refers to young people making a 180 degree turn in their lives.  RESH 180 explores a young person’s attitudes, mindset, and beliefs – using visual, auditory, and sensory stimuli that embrace the way young people learn today.  By challenging their thought processes, RESH 180 initiates a self-directed inward examination that each young person uses to become aware of his or her direction in life, and progress toward related goals.  RESH 180 teaches young people to examine themselves inwardly, to see whether or not they have moved or grown in a direction that will lead to a purposeful, meaningful life. With this newfound awareness, the young people are then taught to examine the inputs, influences and effects that have brought them to the life situations they are in today.  Next, they are taught a new way to interpret the factors that influence their lives. The analogy of a “lens” is used to demonstrate how to “make their eyes work.”  Finally, RESH 180 teaches young people to be accountable for their actions, and also gives them empowerment tools to practice what they have learned.  Every part of the curriculum has been designed with real-life simulation learning to give students a visual grasp of concepts and tools they need to succeed in visualizing their future & setting and fulfilling goals – turning dreams into destiny!

After hundreds of hours of one-on-one and classroom instruction, The RESH 180 curriculum has evolved into a complete program for use by teachers, parents, youth workers, community leaders, counselors, pastors, etc.  RESH 180 is designed for how youth learn today.  The curriculum is presented in a multi-media format (contemporary music, visual and experiential learning, field trips), appealing to visual and auditory interests and using real life simulations that are relevant to their lives and circumstances. 

The RESH 180 curriculum specifically targets scholastic performance, career goals, resiliency skills, and personal improvement as some of the key outcomes from successful completion of the program.  Young people that participate in the RESH 180 program are taught to develop academic, career, and personal improvement goals as the results of discovering their purpose in life.  By envisioning a future or destiny, young people in the RESH 180 program are taught to think in terms of purpose - about how their choices shape their future.


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2017/2018 Partnership with City of San Jose 

Commenced a 32-week RESH 180 program for 2017/2018 School Year at Yerba Buena High School. We partnered with Student Discipline Office, Counselors and School Therapist to identify students who are high risk of dropping out, attendance issues and discipline problems. The 32-week program incorporates RESH 180 program and curriculum into a study skills class. The objective is to utilize RESH 180 as the cornerstone for academic success, goal setting, personal competencies, pro-social assets and community service. Incidentally we obtained a transcript and a graduation inventory sheet for each student to assess current academic status.

I never believed I can apply for college. Everybody said it was a waste of time. I’m tired of listening to others. I'm going for it!  Yerba Buena High School - Junior

Commenced 10-week RESH 180 program at Andrew High School. Collaborated with Faculty Member to identify 9th grade students who are failing classes yet on campus. Students referred were part of the Individualized Education Program (IEP). Often IEP students are assessed as academically incapable but in this particular case most of the students are either homeless (living in shelter), live in a group home, transferred from multiple schools (moving from home to home) or have been incarcerated. Due to current situations many students have fallen behind academically and succumb to the notion of giving up on school. This is why we love bringing RESH 180 to them. For many it is the first time they begin to hear about purpose in life. Each week as we usher new perspective around their sense of purpose you can see hope and energy stirring their minds and they began to write out personal, educational, health, career, family and future goals.  

I wish somebody would have taught me about looking at my GPA and School Credits. I'm in charge now…Thanks RESH 180.  Andrew Hill High School - Junior

Commenced 10-week RESH 180 program at Latino College Preparatory Academy (LCPA). Worked with Principal to identity students who were showing signs of falling behind in classes due to behavioral issues, class management, lack of motivation and focus. The identified students were incoming 9th graders. We found that most of the students were challenged with critical thinking skills and goal setting. This was the perfect match for implementing RESH 180 program and curriculum. RESH 180 Theory of Change …youth without sense of purpose, will not have the proper attitude to assess future opportunities, will lack the resiliency to overcome personal setbacks and lack the motivation to develop a roadmap for personal success. We found that most of the students stop believing in their unique gifts and abilities simply stop believing in themselves. However as sessions moved forward, student engagement increased wth meaningful discussions around purpose thinking, strategies for classroom & personal improvement and goal setting. One students’ experience speaks of the overall RESH 180 impact when she communicated her dreams about being an actress. Her biggest struggles seems to be from her parents lack of support  and interest in her dreams…yet the RESH 180 tools are allowing her to persist from negative factors to pushing her to keep believing forward.  

No matter what … Im going to plan my future!  Latino College Preparatory Academy - Freshman