Professional Development Certification for Youth Educators

It is paramount for educators to embrace a raw focus of urban at-risk students and the ecology of environment that impacts classroom failures, low attendance, behavioral incidents, risks to dropping out, college disinterest and distrust of caring adults. 

Understanding the unique social make-up is critical to identify and intervene students off-track towards graduation and college readiness. The training incorporates tools to assess organic data that influences disengagement from school, home support, class management, academic assistance, mentoring, counselors, college resources, community involvement and caring adults. 

Training offers raw cognitive-based learning to provide ... 

- Understanding social circumstances of youth without purpose.

- Understanding student's lack of home academic support. 

- Understanding student's lack of engagement with academic resources.

- Understanding student's disinterest of classroom subjects.

- Understanding student's inability to filter negative experiences.

- Understand student's fear to move forward from set-backs. 

- Understanding student's disconnect with caring adults. 

Each Training Participant is provided with an Instructor's Manual, Step-by-Step Lesson Plans, Student Workbook, Assessment Surveys, and Classroom Instructional DVD. 

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