Tuesday, January 30, 2018 - 8:30 am to 3:15 pm

The Gang Training will provide significant information on gang related activity and trends. The primary focus will be supplying you with the training needed to identify "the lens" gangsters view life through colors, territory and affiliation.


In a normal upbringing, children are taught to achieve a purposeful life. A gangsters upbringing is based on survival. One is taught to strive to achieve the American dream where the other is taught how to achieve street life. One is taught how to respect education; the other is taught how to respect prison. One is taught to respect neighborhood;the other is taught to guard their hood.

Gangsters usually experience the brute end of society. They are constantly interrogated about what neighborhood they represent. Often in the classroom they are pre-judged for not being interested in academics. At the earliest instance, gangsters are often expelled from public schools and sent to an alternative school designated to cage them with their own kind. To make sense of this constant assault, they develop a coping mechanism to combat the constant feelings of rejection that results in lack of self-worth and distrust in people … especially authority figures. This explains why many develop a tough and hard disposition simply to keep pain and rejection at bay.

Like most people walking on our planet … gangsters want the good things in life. Beneath the layers of toughness and hardness, there is a person …. a real person full of potential and abilities looking to achieve purpose and greatness.