Respect the Desk Store

RESPECT the DESK is fine art photography movement. This movement seeks to inspire purpose and success. Each photo features a simple school desk in a variety of environments illustrating the possibilities education offers youth.

Our desire for the Respect the Desk Movement is for a photo and canvas to be placed in homes, schools, organizations, business and city offices to remind each viewer of the incredible potential a desk offers. 

We are extremely honored with the Art Gallery initiated with the Principal of Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy located in San Jose, CA to exhibit Respect the Desk Art to inspire students, parents and staff.


On the back side of each photo will have a stated affirmation to remind of the relationship between the viewer and the desk. The affirmation reads…

This photo is a symbolic declaration of my pledge to Respect the Desk. I promise to give 100% to maximize education opportunities. I promise to be proactive to ensure school will always be priority. My signature is my symbolic commitment to RESPECT the DESK. 

Each possessor is encouraged to sign and date to set-in-motion the pledge. 

The Tenacious Group aspires to touch and enhance the lives of students, families and educators with a visual means to connect, engage and recharge the beauty and benefits of the hope & purpose of a desk. 

1st-edition photos for RESPECT the DESK were taken by Tiffany Valdez, a Silicon Valley-based professional photographer who was a RESH 180 graduate in 2003. Tiffany went on to study photography at the American InterContinental University London, United Kingdom and New England School of Photography. Incidentally, The Tenacious Group purchased Tiffany’s first camera.