(Students holding eggs symbolizing future goals during a team-building hike.) 

The Tenacious Group, Inc. a non-profit organization founded in 1996 to empower purpose thinking. Purpose Thinking empowers a person to believe in their unique strengths, capabilities and potential. 

Statistics reveal 3 out 4 youth are trying to find their purpose in life. When a young person (especially at-risk youth who reside in gang and drug infested neighborhoods) lives without a sense of purpose they will not have the proper attitude to assess academic opportunities, will lack resiliency skills needed to overcome setbacks, and tools needed to develop a roadmap for future success. 

We firmly believe each young person has incredible exploits to accomplish and hundreds of gifts & abilities to activate. 

After hundreds of hours of one-one and classroom instruction and data mining, The Tenacious Group, Inc. has created programs, curriculum, workshops, methodologies in experiential learning relevant to urban youth. 

Join our TEAM of CHAMPIONS with a Donation to empower youth with Purpose. 


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Finalist at 2018 Alternative Film Festival located in Toronto, Canada 

Making Of A Gangsta ...Semi-Finalist at 2018 Los Angeles CineFest 

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Making Of A Gangsta Documentary Officially Selected at 2018 Poppy Jasper International Film Festival April 5-8  Morgan Hill & Gilroy, CA

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Making Of A Gangsta Documentary was accepted at the 2nd Annual Golden Gate International Film Festival - October 28 & 29

Making Of A Gangsta Training - Tuesday, November 7, 2017

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Modesto Junior College - October 5 - Open to Public 

San Jose State University - October 10 - In-House showing for SJSU students 

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Dec. 15 - San Jose State University - MLK Library 11:00 AM

*Jan 10 - Yerba Buena High School 

*Jan. 31 - Family & Children Services of Silicon Valley 

*Feb. 8 - Snell Community School

Feb. 8 - Alum Rock Library - 3090 Alum Rock Ave. 95127 - 7:00 PM 

*Feb. 13 - Summit Rainer High School

Feb. 21 - Cambrian Library - 1780 Hillsdale Ave. 95124 - 7:00 PM

March 9 - Santa Clara County Office of Education - 1290 Ridder Park Dr. 95131 - 7:00 PM 

March 22 - Independent Filmmakers - 3301 Lyon Street - San Francisco, 94123 -7:00 PM  (6:00 - 7:00 Meet & Greet) 

*March 23 - Teen Families & Schools Together FAST Program - 7:00 PM

March 28 - Hillview Library - 1600 Hopkins Drive 95122 - 7:00 PM

*April 6 - City of San Jose Safe School Campus Initiative - 7:00 PM

April 20 - St. John's University - Queens, New York - 7:00 PM

*April 25 - Santa Clara County Maximum Security Juvenile Hall

*June 14 - Los Altos School District - Los Altos, CA - 3:00 PM

*June 19 - Blue Light Theater - Cupertino, CA - 10:00 AM

October 5 - Modesto Junior College - Modesto, CA - 7:00 PM

*October 10 - San Jose State University - San Jose, CA - 4:30 PM

November 1 - Humboldt State University - Arcata, CA - 3:00 PM

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